CMT 191 Upcut Spiral Bit Set

Price: $216.55


A special super-micrograin carbide formulation was created to produce and hold a keen cutting edge. The new low-angle spiral is designed specifically to shear wood cleanly and provide efficient chip ejection. The tools run cooler and the edges last longer.

Our most popular solid carbide Spiral Bits at your fingertips in a safe, economical package! Choose upcut or downcut sets, each including 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” and 1/2” diameters. Ideal for use on all soft/hard woods, plywood, laminates, MDF and plastic materials, with a CNC or handheld router. Remember: upcut bits provide fast chip ejection and deliver the finest finish on the lower surface of the workpiece. Downcut bits are the best choice where an ultra-smooth finish on the upper surface is the highest priority.

Special Features
  • Premium quality HWM.
  • 2 spiral cutting edges (Z2).
  • Provide an excellent finish on the lower side of the workpiece.
  • Upward chip ejection.
  • 1pc 191.005.11
  • 1pc 191.008.11
  • 1pc 191.501.11
  • 1pc 191.503.11
  • 1pc 191.505.11
  • Case
Used for cutting, copying, panel sizing and any routing applications on solid wood, wood composites, plastic materials and laminates. Use a high feed speed on well-clamped workpieces. Can be used on machining centres, point to point machines, CNC routers and hand-held routers equipped with chucks or adaptors.