CMT 694.001 3 Piece Adjustable Grooving Set

Application: for grooving and creating precise slots from 4mm (5/32") to 15mm (19/32") into depth.

Machines: spindle moulder machines, double-end tenorers and shaper machines.

Material: perfect for grooving on all materials, but ideal on solid wood, plywood and laminated panels.
-super-strength steel body;
-2 HWM knives 7,65x12x1,5mm [Z2];
-4 HWM knives 18x18x1,5mm [Z4];
-4 HWM knives 14x14x1,2mm [V4];
-tools for manual feed (MAN);
-pins for the automatic positioning of the knives;

Supplied in a solid plastic box.

this set includes:
-2 cutter heads (A) Z4 + V4;
-1 cutter head (B) Z2;
-12 spacer rings from 0,1mm to 2mm;

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