Maple White Plain Slice Veneer

Maple, White (Plain Sliced)

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Maple, White (Plain Sliced)

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origin: Eastern USA and Canada
scientific name: Acer spp.
description: Mapleis sapwood is white to creamy-white. It has good machining and excellent finishing characteristics.

Paper Backed veneers are real wood veneer permanently bonded to a paper backing.  The backing is usually 10 mil thick or about 1/64" non removable paper.

Tech3 (WOW- wood on wood)
For applications that require both dimensional stability and flexibility, no other veneer can match Tech3 from Veneer Tech. That's because our premium 2-ply sheet is manufactured with a select grade face veneer cross-linked bonded to a whole piece cross grain backer. This combination creates a thick, solid veneer with a natural looking edge. 

Veneer that has benn bonded to a poly backer similiar to phenolic but thinner and more flexable. Tek-bak veneers prefinish as well as phenolic back and with a lower cost.

Veneer that has been bonded to a phenolic backer which gives a ridgid solid substrate for finishing and gluing.  Phenolic backers contour more smoothly around curves and are ideal for irregular or bump surfaces.  Applications is similare to plastic laminates.

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) veneer is a type of paperbacked veneer that is a simple and easy alternative for applying veneer without the need for a liquid adhesive. Utilizing 3M™ adhesives, PSA veneer provides a permanent bond to any smooth substrate that is dry and free of dust and contaminants. PSA-backed veneer is the perfect choice for cabinet refacing.

2x8' 10mil

Price: $26.54

2x8' PSA

Price: $52.75

4x8' 10mil

Price: $55.78

4x8' 20mil

Price: $64.51

4x8' Phenolic

Price: $81.98

4x8' PSA

Price: $105.50

4x8' Tech-Bak

Price: $73.92

4x8 WOW

Price: $70.56