Woodtex Synthetic Wood Filler Pint

Price: $6.66
Wood-tex is a resin based wood filler, developed for the plywood and furniture industries, used to repair defects in plywood, furniture, laminated beams, cabinet work, and other woodworking applications. It molds like putty and is consistent, uniform, waterproof and fast-setting with minimal shrinkage. Made with genuine wood flour, wood-tex can be sanded, stained, sawed, planed or drilled like ordinary wood.
  • Use in well ventilated area.
  • For best adhesion, cracks or defects should be clean and dry.
  • Press firmly into defect with gun, by hand, or putty knife.
  • Lower temperatures require longer drying periods.
  • When dry, sand flush with surrounding surfaces.
  • Wood-Tex can be drilled, nailed, planed, or sawed like ordinary wood.
  • Close container after each use.
  • Surface may be painted, varnished, lacquered, waxed, or shellacked.