Uneeda Ekasilk 1/2" x 3 x 4" Sanding Pad

Price: $0.69
Uneeda's new EKASILK PLUS is the most advanced system for sanding curved and profiled surfaces. The EKASILK PLUS System is also extremely well suited for flat panels and any other surface which requires hand sanding or finishing.
1/2" thick Uneevel (hook & loop) pad for 3 x 4" random orbit sanders. Sold in boxes of 25pcs
EKASILK PLUS sponges are washable and reusable. The hook & loop system is specifically designed to be used with EKASAND pneumatic sanding machines. EKASILK PLUS sponges yield superior life compared to conventional sheets and discs and increase sanding efficiency by up to 50%. And thanks to foam backing, they adapt to any contours, curves, edges, and curved shapes.