Accuride 3017 Rail Mount Slide

Price: $22.35
Overview Designed for wide overhead storage compartments in business or home office furniture or residential kitchen cabinetry. Hydraulic dampener brings overhead doors to a soft close. 
  • 1" [254 mm] over travel
  • BHMA and AWI Certified
  • .50" [12.7 mm] side space
  • Rail mount/disconnect
  • Drawers up to 24" [610 mm] wide
  • Polymer ball bearings
  • Even lengths 12"—28" [305—711 mm]
  • Black finish
Load Ratings
  • Up to 100 lb/45.5 kg
Special Features
  • Hold-in detent to prevent drawer roll-out and bounce-back
  • Rail mount and polymer ball bearings provide exceptionally smooth and quiet operation
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